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Obsessed American Robin attacks window

© achivemore

The videographer writes: Early one morning about a month ago, I could hear some clicky thumping from the other room. At first I didn't think anything of it, because we have cats; I figured they were playing. But it kept going on. So I went to the wash room and there were the cats starting with big eyes at the window.
There was a female robin attacking the window on purpose.
At first I thought it may be seeing something inside she wanted, so I moved some stuff, she kept hitting the window.
Then I cleaned the window off and took off the old flag. She kept doing it.
Worried about her getting hurt, I called the local wildlife rescue and got a hold of a knowledgable lady.
The female robins are territorial when nesting and she thought there was another female.
So I covered that window. The next day she was at it again, but after the 2 next windows. So I made up some water-based paint that was thin enough to see through but would cover any reflection for her. It worked, but one side of the house has all the windows covered in a light blue paint.