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Next Generation

Inspiring conservation among youth

Today's young people are tomorrow's environmental stewards.

The BirdNote Next Generation program recognizes the vital role of youth in a sustainable future for all. Together with our partners, inspire young people to notice, to care for, and to take steps that support birds and conservation.

In 2018 and 2019, Next Generation awarded grants to environmental education programs to incorporate BirdNote media into their curricula. These stories and lesson plans will be freely available to teachers, media outlets, and anyone interested in environmental education for youth.

The program has also enabled BirdNote to create new media about, by, and for young listeners. Check out our most recent project, a video that celebrates one family's multi-generational connection to birds and nature, through falconry.

View our 2019 environmental education program grantees and media 

View our 2018 environmental education programs and media

Special thanks to the Falconer Family of Seattle, the Bobolink Foundation, the Treeline Foundation, and the Peg and Rick Young Foundation for supporting the program.