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Shows With Contributions by Adam Sedgley

A Golden Eagle in profile showing large golden brown eye and sharp curved beak

The Eagle Eye

Ever heard the term “eagle eye”? An eagle’s vision is incredibly sharp, and its eyes can weigh more than its brain. The secret to the bird’s exceptional vision is the density of visual cells – the rods and cones – of its retina.
View overlooking an area of Amazon jungle

Sounds of the Amazon

It's winter and time for a vacation. Let's head to the Amazon! With names like the Screaming Piha, the Blue-crowned Motmot, and the Black-necked Red-Cotinga, these are not your average birds. Insects are the background chorus for the Cuvier's Toucan and the Musician Wren. If you want to…
Bachman's Warbler

Rare Sounds Saved by Macaulay Library

The tranquil song of the Kaua'i O'o graced the high, dense forests of Kaua'i until 1987, when it was heard no more. The voice of only one member of this family of birds, now all extinct, remains immortalized on tape. The Macaulay Library maintains the largest collection of bird sounds in…
WA Birding Trail

Birding Trails

Coast to coast and border to border, Birding Trails offer great opportunities to find birds. On a summer trip in New England, along the Connecticut River between Vermont and New Hampshire, you can hear the vividly colored Blackburnian Warbler. Texas birding trails offer birds that can't be…
Girl on suspension bridge

Kids in Nature

Unless kids are introduced purposefully to nature, they may understand the plight of the Amazon rain forest, but never dampen their feet in a local stream. They may never know the names and songs of the birds they see or understand the wonder of migration. Nature camps for children can…
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Martyn Stewart Part II

Martyn Stewart's calling is recording the sounds of birds and nature. He describes some of the rewards of working in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: "It is a great place to go record birds and animals. You know generally that once you point your microphone at a nesting bird or a bird…
Cuvier's Toucan, "froot loops" bird?

Toucan - Tropical Icon

In the Amazon, a cacophony of birdcalls surrounds you. One piercing, cheerful yelp catches your ear. Could this be the same sound you remember from a Saturday morning in your childhood? The Cuvier's Toucan could have been the inspiration for Toucan Sam, the "spokesbird" for Froot Loops…
Spoon-billed Sandpipers foraging on mudflat

Photographing Spoon-billed Sandpipers in South Korea

The Yellow Sea coast of the Korean peninsula is one of the few places where this Spoon-billed Sandpiper can still be found. BirdNote’s Adam Sedgley joined Gerrit Vyn, Cornell Lab of Ornithology multimedia producer, to photograph and record these critically endangered shorebirds. They found…
Tundra Bean-Goose

Adam's Wild Goose Chase

BirdNote board member Adam Sedgley traveled from Seattle to the Oregon Coast in search of a Tundra Bean-Goose, a rare bird in North America. The goose had been observed near Nestucca Bay National Wildlife Refuge among a flock of native Canada Geese. The Tundra Bean-Goose would be a “life…
Yellow warbler

Oswood: What's That Bird?

On a scavenger hunt called What's That Bird?, kids and adults search for eight carved, life-like birds in their natural settings. A young birdwatcher might discover this Yellow Warbler. The hunt was created by educators at North Central Washington Audubon. Chapter President Mark Oswood…