Shows With Contributions by Gordon Hempton


Sound Escapes - Echos in Pipestone Canyon

Back when he was a bike messenger in downtown Seattle, Gordon Hempton was drawn to the sonic richness of a remote canyon in eastern Washington State. “Pipestone Canyon was my oasis from all the urban din and construction activity,” he says. The canyon walls echo and amplify the sounds of
Common Loon

Sound Escapes - Loon Love Songs

In the spring, Voyageurs National Park in northern Minnesota bursts into song. For nature sound recordist Gordon Hempton, the greatest sound is the arrival of loons. A fond and venerable bit of folklore holds that loons mate for life. In their calls, Gordon hears true love. “It was full of
Amazon Kingfisher

Sound Escapes - Zabalo, a Living Eden

Gordon Hempton started a nonprofit that designates “quiet parks” around the world. These special places are to be protected from noise pollution, where you can experience true, profound quiet. On Earth Day 2019, the first Quiet Park was created on the Zabalo River in Ecuador. “There’s no
Winter Wren

Winter Wren in a Carolina Cathedral, With Gordon Hempton

Gordon Hempton, the Sound Tracker, records the sounds of nature in pristine places. Mesmerized by a Winter Wren singing in the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest of the Carolinas, Gordon chased the bird up and down a mountain before capturing its song at close range. But when he listened to the

One Square Inch of Silence

Gordon Hempton, the Sound Tracker, seeks those rare places untouched by human noise, where birds and nature create a complex, quiet music. In the Hoh Valley, in a rain forest in Olympic National Park, is a place he calls One Square Inch of Silence. It’s the least noise-polluted place in

Listening for Bird Song - Featuring Gordon Hempton

We may be more indebted to birds than we know. Acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton explains: “I was curious about the human range of sound . . . it’s a perfect match for bird song,” he says. “If we hear bird song, then we’re also listening to an area that has food, water, and an extended

Love and Risk Are Inseparable, With Gordon Hempton

Gordon Hempton, the Sound Tracker, believes there are lessons we can learn from listening to birds. When Gordon was traveling in the Australian Outback, he heard a Rufous Whistler — like the one pictured here — singing his heart out. Gordon notes the delicate nature of the male's work:

The Meadowlark and Water Ouzel - featuring Gordon Hempton

Gordon Hempton, the Soundtracker, likens the joy he feels after a day of recording Western Meadowlarks (their eastern cousin is seen here on the left...) to the experience of John Muir, who knew individual American Dippers (also known as Water Ouzels; seen here on the right) by their songs

Snow Melting into Music, With Gordon Hempton

As spring warms the land, imagine what resident birds like this White-tailed Ptarmigan – and those returning – might now be hearing, in places long covered by snow. Gordon Hempton, the SoundTracker, captures the music… “John Muir uses the expression, 'Snow melting into music.' But I knew