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Shows With Contributions by Ariana Remmel

Two humpback whales breaking the surface while feeding, surrounded by seagulls including Great Shearwaters

The Link Between Whales, Seabirds, and a Tiny Fish

In shallow waters off the coast of Massachusetts, ocean predators come from far and wide to hunt. Humpback whales join Great Shearwaters and many other seabirds in pursuing sand lance, a tiny fish that these top predators rely on for sustenance. But sand lance are vulnerable to climate…
An Eastern Meadowlark perches on a fencetop, poised to push off into flight

Keeping Our Eyes on the Details

Every BirdNote episode starts with a solid grounding in research. When we play a bird sound for you, first we make sure you're hearing the right species. But not just that — we bear in mind the distinction between songs and calls, and we make sure the recording comes from an appropriate…
A Wood Thrush perches on a branch in profile, in soft sunlight

BirdNote Helps You Get to Know Your Neighborhood

Whether you know your neighborhood inside-out or you just moved and are getting to know the area, BirdNote adds another dimension to how you understand the place you live — by understanding the birds. Our hope is that by spreading knowledge about birds, BirdNote is helping you become more…
A male Green-winged Teal in the water with bright-green feathers on his head reflecting sunlight

Green-winged Teal by the Millions

Green-winged Teal are North America's smallest dabbling duck, at just over a foot long and weighing less than a pound. The male has a cinnamon brown head with a band of green behind the eye. Both males and females have a green bar on the wing that gleams like an emerald when the sun…
Black-capped Chickadee holding a sunflower seed in its beak while sitting on fruiting branch

Creating Bird Habitat at Home

One of the biggest threats to birds is the decline in biodiversity due to habitat loss — and the traditional, manicured lawn isn’t helping. Growing native plants in your yard allows you to protect birds at home, says ecologist Douglas Tallamy, who co-founded an organization called…
A Common Loon in the water rears up with neck arched up and wings spread

Recognizing a Stranded Loon

Loons are built for life in the water – so much so that their legs don’t work well on land. During migration, loons sometimes mistake wet pavement for the reflective surface of deep water and try to land there, then become unable to take flight again. If you see a stranded loon on a road…
White-tailed Hawk in flight against a clear blue sky.

White-tailed Hawks on the Texas Coastal Plain

The White-tailed Hawk thrives in the grassy plains of the Texas Coastal Plain, where many tropical species reach the northern limit of their ranges. White-tailed Hawks often hunt by kiting: hovering like a kite in the breeze with the wings held in a “V” above the body, dropping suddenly on…
A Himalayan Swiftlet with long, pointed wings spread in flight, seen from a distance

Aviary: Bird Echolocation to the Rescue

In this episode featuring Aviary — the shapeshifting bird superhero — the surprising abilities of birds come in handy when a student gets lost exploring a cave with his class. Aviary remembers an amazing bird called the Himalayan Swiftlet that’s able to echolocate like a bat, and enlists…
Composite showing a Red-tailed-Hawk on the left, and a Big Brown Bat on the right. The hawk is perched on a branch, the bat clinging to tree bark.

Flying with Birds and Bats

Bats and birds have evolved very different ways of flying. Birds have stiff feathers projecting from lightweight, fused arm and hand bones; bats have flexible wings of membranes stretched between elongated fingers. While birds use the strong downstroke of their wings to fly, bats support…
Pair of Ocellated Antbirds perched in Panamanian forest

Birds on the March with Army Ants

As thousands of army ants march through a rainforest in Panama looking for food, countless insects try to escape. Antbirds follow the ants, waiting for flying insects to leave their hiding spots so they can swoop down and catch them. About 300 species of animals, including 29 bird species…