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Con Foley

Con Foley is an American residing in Singapore, having lived there for more than 30 years. He's been interested in nature and photography since growing up on a farm in Illinois.

Con is a past president of the Nature Photographic Society in Singapore. He has taught bird photography and Photoshop courses and lead birdwatching tours in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. His photographs and articles have been published in numerous magazines and books, including Birding Asia (a publication of the Oriental Bird Club), Nature Watch (a publication of Nature Society Singapore), Suara Enggang (a publication of the Malaysian Nature Society), Birding World (magazine), ARKive, BirdLife Slovenia, Bird Spotter’s Guides, National Parks Board (Singapore), and other publications and exhibits including National Geographic (books), Woodpeckers of the World (Helm), Robins and Chats (Helm), Handbook of the Birds of the World (Lynx), Bird Families of the World (Lynx), Birds of Singapore (Beaufoy), and more.

Con's interests lie not just in photographing the natural world, but also in contributing to the understanding of the species and their conservation. He says: "Much is not known about the species’ life cycle in this region, and there is much to be gained by observing and sharing. I like to share my enthusiasm for nature — and especially birds — with blogs, articles, and photos."