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Ducks Unlimited

BirdNote partners with Ducks Unlimited to highlight DU's conservation of habitat for North America's waterfowl.

Ducks Unlimited conserves, restores, and manages wetlands and associated habitats for North America's waterfowl. These habitats also benefit other wildlife and people. The vision of Ducks Unlimited is wetlands sufficient to fill the skies with waterfowl today, tomorrow and forever. 

Visit the Ducks Unlimited website

Is there a Ducks Unlimited event near you? Check it out and learn more about DU's conservation efforts!


Learn more about the history of the duck stamp program. Buy a duck stamp to support waterfowl conservation or learn more about the duck stamp program.


A Sampling of BirdNote Shows Featuring Ducks Unlimited


Ducks Unlimited Celebrates Anniversary

January 2012 marked the 75th anniversary of Ducks Unlimited. Ducks Unlimited - or DU - has grown to become, by many measures, the most effective wetland conservation organization in the world. To date, they've conserved more than 12 million acres of waterfowl and wildlife habitat in North America. Listen >>



Birders and Hunters

Thanks in part to the political will and financial contributions of waterfowl hunters and such organizations as Ducks Unlimited, natural wetlands that might otherwise have been lost have been preserved. Listen >>



Northern Pintail - Elegance and Decline

In recent years, unlike many other North American ducks, Northern Pintails present a portrait of sharp decline. Pintails nest in grasslands near seasonal wetlands. Ducks Unlimited protects such grasslands by buying conservation easements in the Prairie Pothole region. Listen >>



Wetland Birds Thrive

While nearly a third of North American bird species are in decline, many birds that depend on wetlands are thriving. Duck breeding populations in 2009 were an estimated 25% above historical averages. Listen >>



Fancy Ducks

Male dabbling ducks - like this Green-winged Teal - look their finest in late fall and winter, the season of courtship and pair-bonding. Buying a duck stamp can help save habitat for this teal and many other ducks! Listen >>