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Listener Feedback

Have a question, a comment, an idea? A funny story, a complaint, a suggestion? Get in touch. We love to hear from our listeners.

Here’s what a few of our listeners have to say.

American Crow

"BirdNote is like morning coffee, and my morning isn't complete without it."
           -- KPLU (now KNKX) Listener

“Was there life before BirdNote? I don't think so ....”
           -- Nancy N.

“I'm always so happy to hear about connections between birds and music. All of the information you publish is just so good for my soul. Thank you for enriching my life."
          -- Lucia C.

“Our morning revolves around listening to BirdNote on KPLU/KNKX. It is our favorite radio show.  We appreciate the information, bird sounds and especially the humor packed into those brief segments.”
                                  -- George and Lynne J.

"Each short broadcast provides a precious link to nature in the midst of modern urban life. I love learning more about the colorful variety of birds -- truly amazing. The balance of colorful description and technical, scientific detail keeps it engaging and stimulating. The daily geopolitical news is often depressing, so we need BirdNote to cheer us up!"
                                  --MM, New York

“I love BirdNote.  Listening to BirdNote is like a bag of Lay's potato chips (you can't eat just one).”
                                   -- Kim N.

"Each day we listen to BirdNote radio as we get ready for work. It's entertaining and enlightening, and I have learned so much about birds of all kinds in your broadcasts. Thank you for bringing birds of the world right into my home. Long live BirdNote!"
                                    -- Saundra H.

“I have been known to shut off the shower I'm taking in order to hear BirdNote on the radio!  It is the best two minutes of my day!”
                                   -- Vicki W.

“I'm not a birder, but love all things, Nature. I stop whatever I'm doing when I hear your theme song come on. Your notes are always informative and entertaining.  Thank you for adding a sparkle to my day.”
                                   -- Jo U.

"I love BirdNote. ... I always stop what I'm doing and give it my full attention, and create a scene in my mind of what I am hearing.  I don't know much about birds, but this show has sparked a huge interest in learning more. I think I will become an avid birder in my old age. Thank you, BirdNote!"
                                    -- Corinna R.

“As a long time bird watcher I find each of your varied moments actually thrilling! Your variety of topics and especially the sounds of songs remain the reason I wait for each presentation … You advocate well for the bird world.”
                                   -- jschoeld

“I think BirdNote is terrific … I like the intimate tone of your presentation and the way you tell us things about birds without overwhelming us with too many facts in too short a time. You have a unique approach. It's simple, charming, direct, and tightly edited. And you tell us information we're not likely to come across anywhere else, in our day-to-day rambles. Nice work.”
                                   -- Venassa G.

“Hello! My name is Claire and I am seven years old. I start my morning with breakfast and BirdNote. My little sister and I run into the kitchen and stand around my mother's radio and listen to the new bird sounds. I really really love Bird Note. I love listening to the birds and my mom helps me get on line so we can look at the pictures of the birds. My favorite bird is the Black Capped Chickadee and Blue Jay. Thank you for playing Birdnote everyday!.”
                                   -- Claire B.

"I love your show so much!!! If I miss an episode my day just isn't the same. I'm not a poet and don't have the words to say how much this little 45 second
slice of awesomeness means to me. At any rate, I just wanted someone there to know how much this segment means to me. I have already told WITF (in
Harrisburg, PA.) how I feel, just thought you should know as well."
                                    -- Mark R.

“I have two dogs that have traveled the world; they were raised on cargo ships. My son, a merchant marine, brought them home when the ships were retired. They listened with great interest, heads alert with ears perked, to this morning's BirdNote, Around the World. I'm sure they were reliving fond memories from the many ports they have visited. Thank you for your daily broadcast on KPLU (now KNKX) -- it is a highlight of my day.”
                                   -- Sharon B.