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Sound Escapes – Season Two

Welcome to season two of Sound Escapes, featuring Gordon Hempton, the Sound Tracker. 

Listen to the season trailer:

If you're sheltering in place, you might feel the walls of your home closing in. But Gordon's work as an acoustic ecologist can teach us something vitally important about transcending troubling times: "Sound can set us free," he says. "All we need to do is listen."

In these eight episodes, you'll hear soundscapes from the wildest places on the planet — personally selected by Gordon from his thousands of hours of recordings.

"These sound portraits are really about my love for the planet, and I hope to transfer to you that same feeling of reverence," says Gordon. "Isn't it special to be alive?"

Grab your headphones, relax, and let's listen...

1: Songs of Spring

Travel to Olympic National Park in Washington State as the sounds of spring — including the song of the Varied Thrush — emerge after a long, quiet winter.

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2: Amazon Awakenings

Discover the tranquility of Zabalo Wilderness Quiet Park in Ecuador and learn why Gordon describes it as "a living Eden." 

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3: John Muir’s Yosemite

Walk in the footsteps of John Muir as you follow the “water music” of Merced River in Yosemite National Park. 

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4: Kalahari Desert

Breathe in the sonic beauty of South Africa’s Kalahari Desert as the sun rises over the savannahs.

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5: Pipestone Canyon

Immerse yourself in Eastern Washington’s Pipestone Canyon, and hear the waves of echos upon echos.

6: Song of the Paddle

Paddle your canoe through the Voyageurs National Park in northern Minnesota. With each stroke, you'll experience wildlife awakening in spring.

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7: Mark Twain’s Limpid Brook

Journey to rural Missouri, where Mark Twain would wade in the pools of a “limpid brook” as a child.

8: Earth Is a Solar-Powered Jukebox

Take a sonic tour of nearly every habitat on Earth in this special finale.

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Support for Sound Escapes comes from Jim and Birte Falconer of Seattle.

Sound Escapes is produced by Mark Bramhill and John Kessler. Ashley Ahearn is our editor. Ellen Blackstone is our associate editor. Our communications team includes Ellen Blackstone, Shelly Ellison, and Jason McCue, with technical oversight from Katie Meyer. Jia-yi Liu created the Sound Escapes illustration. Sallie Bodie is our executive producer and BirdNote's executive director.