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Field Notes

Dear BirdNote ... Love Sylvia

There’s no greater thrill than receiving letters like this one. Check out Sylvia’s Barred Owl at the bottom!And here are just a few of the notes we’ve received from listeners just like you. Thanks for your support of storytelling that tunes listeners into birds and nature, and inspires action! read more »

Why Is That Bird Part White? Leucism!

If you see a bird with abnormal white feathers or washed-out plumage, that bird may have a genetic condition called leucism, (pronounced LUKE-ism). Leucism prevents pigments from reaching some — or sometimes all — of a bird’s feathers. Check out these photos of leucistic birds by several BirdNote... read more »

Topics & Themes:  plumage

BirdNote for All

A hearty thank you to all of our 2018 GiveBIG donors!Thanks to you, listener-supported BirdNote opens the door — to birds, to nature, and to conservation — for all!Through the art of joyful storytelling, BirdNote transports listeners out of the grueling demands of the day and into the calming,... read more »

Merganser Mojo

Gregg Thompson found a Red-breasted Merganser in gorgeous breeding plumage at Edmonds Marina north of Seattle. This male was making all the traditional courtship moves. We hope there was a receptive lady around to appreciate his skill and beauty.Our guy is getting ready: his crest is lowered.Now... read more »

Topics & Themes:  behavior

A Trick of the Light . . .

Anna's Hummingbirds sparkle with iridescence... with their emerald green back and hot pink throats — known as gorgets. But wait! Catch them in a certain light, and the sparkle goes away, or entirely new and vibrant colors appear. The microscopic structure of the feather barbules — not pigments —... read more »

Topics & Themes:  plumage

Missing BirdNote in Your Facebook Feed?

Get your moment with nature — and birds — every day!Facebook has changed the algorithm it uses to determine what appears on your news feed. That means you may not see — or hear — BirdNote each day. To continue enjoying remarkable stories about the lives of birds, we invite you to prioritize... read more »

Love Among the Pigeons

Edmonds Marina — and love is in the air. Actually, on the dock. Gregg Thompson caught these Rock Pigeons in a very public interlude. Rather than try to describe the action, we'll just let you make up captions for yourselves!###All photos are © Gregg Thompson and may not be used without permission... read more »

Topics & Themes:  behavior

What does it take to record the world’s birds?

What does it take to record the world’s birds? BirdNote and Cornell Lab of Ornithology producer and photographer Gerrit Vyn take you deep into the Brazilian forest in search of the critically endangered Araripe Manakin — and deep inside the Lab’s archive.By Gerrit Vyn, Mary McCann and BirdNote... read more »


Snipe Hunt!

Gregg Thompson went hunting for good photos of shorebirds in the rich wetlands of Juanita Bay, east of Seattle. He found several Wilson’s Snipes showing off their hunting skills.Cryptic brown, tan, and gray markings can make a Wilson’s Snipe hard to find in wet, open habitats like these mud flats... read more »

We sent our reporter out to find a rare species... the teen birder

t]Meet 17-year-old Elisa Yang. She’s the founder and president of the California Young Birders Club. Shahla Farzan for BirdNote.[/caption]Elisa Yang loves birds, and she won’t take no for an answer.By Shahla FarzanToday we’re taking you back to high school, to meet some teenage birders. They’re a... read more »

Topics & Themes:  birding, birdwatching