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Inside view of Bald Eagle's nest lined with dried kelp, with

Kelp in the Eagles’ Nest

A pair of Bald Eagles will reuse their nest each year and repair it with new tree branches. But recently in British Columbia, scientists came across an eagle nest made largely out of dried kelp. Back in the ‘90s, that very nest had been made out of tree branches. What changed? Sea Otters
Display at the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology, of peregrine falcon eggs collected in 1950

Museum Eggs Help Solve Mysteries

There are five million bird eggs stowed away in museums across the world — and the study of eggs, called oology, can give us great insight into birds. The link between DDT and the decline of Peregrine Falcon populations was identified in part using museum and personal egg collections, and
Group of Mallard ducks in closeup, glistening with water droplets

Can Birds Spread COVID-19?

Birds are ideal hosts for various viruses: they gather in large flocks, often carry viruses without any symptoms, and their migrations connect all parts of the world. But as far as SARS-CoV-2, the kind of coronavirus that causes COVID-19 in humans, it seems there’s no need to worry. In a
Eurasian Hoopoe in flight, carrying a grub in its beak

The Hoopoe's Smelly Family

The Eurasian Hoopoe isn’t picky about where it nests. But whether it builds a home in a tree cavity, termite mound, or nest box, it’ll be stinky. Mother birds coat their eggs in an antimicrobial secretion that smells like rotten eggs. Then, when the chicks are hatched, they paint the nest