Image: The Ultimate Bird Drawing Throwdown Showdown Graphic featuring images of David Sibley and H. Jon Benjamin

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Shows With Contributions by The World According to Sound

A male Magnificent Frigatebird displaying his inflated bright red gular sac

Non-Vocalization: Many Ways to Make Noise

Many birds have creative ways to make noise without using their voices. Ruffed Grouse use their wings to make echoing booms. Wilson’s Snipes make a high-pitched sound called winnowing as air passes across their tail feathers. Palm Cockatoos swing a stick against a tree to tap out a beat…
Combined photo showing a Black Jacobin hummingbird and closeup of a Cassowary

Unlikely Duets: Extremes of Bird Sound

This show pairs birds that make sounds on opposite extremes: the highest-pitched bird, the Black Jacobin hummingbird, duets with the Southern Cassowary, one of the lowest-pitched birds. The faint, buzzy song of the Grasshopper Sparrow joins the voice of the White Bellbird, the loudest bird…
Song Sparrow singing in sunlight

Song Sparrows Across the Continent

Song Sparrows can be heard singing almost everywhere in the United States. People have recorded their song along rivers and lakes, in cities and towns, and in fields and forests. This show was produced by World According to Sound. BirdNote and World According to Sound are teaming up for an…
Crested Oropendola in sunlight, showing dark body, red and yellow underside, and bright blue eye

Songs in Slow-Motion

By slowing down the songs of the Crested Oropendola (seen here) and the Tui, all the notes and harmonies stand out. While these details normally rush past the human ear faster than our brains can process, birds are alert to the subtleties of other birds’ songs. This show was produced by…
Henslow's Sparrow singing, seen in right profile as it perches on a grass stem

From Simple to Complex Bird Sounds

Explore how bird songs increase in complexity from the guttural hiss of a Turkey Vulture, to the short songs of Henslow’s Sparrows, and to the elaborate song repertoire of the Brown Thrasher. This show was produced by World According to Sound. BirdNote and World According to Sound are…