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Travel with BirdNote

BirdNote has teamed up with Victor Emanuel Nature Tours to offer amazing adventure travel.

Argentina BirdNote trip

BirdNote travel adventures aren’t just for experienced birders. They’re for anyone who appreciates the beauty and mystery of the natural world.

boardwalk adventure Mike Hamilton

BirdNote partners with Victor Emanuel Nature Tours to offer a breadth of immersive cultural and educational experiences in addition to exceptional birding and wildlife viewing. Regardless of the destination, our expert guides, small groups, and comfortable accommodations take the stress out of planning a trip.

Here’s how BirdNote travelers have described their experiences:

“What a wonderful trip. I can’t stop smiling when I think about it. Thank you all! Where shall we go next?”
     --Kit (Galápagos Islands 2018)

“What I loved about your 2014 Cuba trip was that it combined cultural experiences with birding.”
     --Janey (Cuba 2014)

“We couldn't have had better guides. Both got us on time everywhere to see incredible birds. And demonstrated exceptional skill, local knowledge, and patience.”
     --Lauri (Big Bend 2016)   

BirdNote is committed to responsible ecotourism that promotes conservation and contributes to local economies. You can offset emissions associated with BirdNote travel (or any trip!) through Cool Effect.

To learn more about traveling with BirdNote, check out these itineraries:

Golden-cheeked Warbler in Texas Hill Country
Golden-cheeked Warbler © Greg Lavaty

Texas Hill Country, April 10-18, 2019

Nazca Booby © Francesco Veronesi CC

Galapagos, July 6-15, 2018

Resplendent Quetzal Costa Rica
Resplendent Quetzal © Donovan Loh

Costa Rica, March 20 - April 1, 2018

Elf Owl Big Bend
Elf Owl © Cameron Rognan




Big Bend National Park, August 2017

Cuban Trogon
Cuban Trogon © Jerry Oldenettel CC




Cuba, April 2017

Hoatzin © Kent Nickell




Amazon, January 2017

Collared Aracari
Collared Aracari © George Chapman CC




Panama, September 2017

Cuban Tody
Cuban Tody © Sandra Minotti




Cuba, October 2014

Lucifer Hummingbird © Dave Hawkins



Big Bend National Park, April 2016    


Magellanic Woodpecker Adam Sedgley
Magellanic Woodpecker © Adam Sedgley







Chile and Argentina, October 2015

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