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BirdNote Presents

Welcome to BirdNote Presents, our new podcast for longform stories and series that connect us more deeply with birds, nature, and each other. You can always find the latest episode, as well as previous shows, right here. 

Latest Productions

Sound Escapes Season 2

While sheltering in place, it's easy to feel the walls of our homes closing in. But sound can set us free — all we need to do is listen. Host Gordon Hempton, the Sound Tracker, takes us on sonic journies to some of the wildest places on the planet, allowing us to truly escapeListen now »

In the Clear: The Problem with Birds and Glass

Bird populations have declined by nearly 30% over the past 50 years — a loss of over 3 billion birds. To understand what's behind that loss, we're bringing stories of the biggest threats facing birds right now. In our first episode, we look at the issue glass windows pose to birds. Join producer Mark Bramhill in New York City to learn about the problem — and what we can do to fix it »

Rachel Carson and the Veery

Rachel Carson is known best for writing Silent Spring, a book credited with sparking the modern environmental movement. But before all that, Carson met a woman named Dorothy Freeman. This is the story of Carson and Freeman’s relationship. It grew from their shared love for the natural world — and one species of bird in particular: the Veery, a kind of thrush. Hear the whole story of love, birds, and wonder »

Wingspan Takes Flight

The board game Wingspan came out this year to a lot of buzz. The bird-themed game is fun, but it’s also having a surprising impact. It’s gotten board gamers hooked on birds — and birders hooked on board games! Listen now »

A Conversation with Dr. J. Drew Lanham: Finding Home in Nature

BirdNote host Ashley Ahearn recently sat down with Dr. J. Drew Lanham at the University of Washington College of the Environment Symposium on Nature and Health. The conversation weaves through Dr. Lanham’s poetry, readings from his memoir, and his thoughts about faith, climate change, the loss of birds, and the ways we can work together to confront systemic racism. Listen now »

Sound Escapes Season 1

Join BirdNote’s Ashley Ahearn and sound ecologist Gordon Hempton for an immersive audio journey through some of the most wild, beautiful and sound-rich places in the world. Along the way, Gordon gives us a crash course in the art of truly listening. It’s something he says is a dying art, constantly under threat in our noisy, modern lives. Listen to the entire first season now »

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