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BirdNote, the Book

Chirps, Quirks, and Stories of 100 Birds
ritten by BirdNote, Published by Sasquatch Books
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Listen to the stories, complete with bird sounds

Ptarmigan in Winter - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Why Do Chickadees Come and Go? - Written by Dennis Paulson
Spruce Grouse - Adapted for the Boreal Forest - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Albatross Surfs the Wind - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Northern Goshawk - Esteemed Bird of Prey - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Beak Meets Sunflower Seed - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Anna's Hummingbirds Winter in the North - Written by Bob Sundstrom
The Secretive Varied Thrush - Written by Chris Peterson
Snowy Owls Are Here - Written by Gerrit Vyn
Sanderlings’ Twinkle of Black Feet
 - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Hawk of the Prairie and Tundra - Written by Dennis Paulson
Why Birds Stand on One Leg - Written by Frances Wood
A Crossbill's Beak Does the Job - Written by Bob Sundstrom
The Hardy Harlequin - Written by Todd Peterson
Bohemian Waxwings – Exquisite Winter Visitors - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Goldeneyes and Whistling Wings - Written by Todd Peterson
The Majestic Gyrfalcon – Winter’s Regal Visitor - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Leaping Sandhill Cranes - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Woodpeckers Love Ants - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Ruffed Grouse Drumming in the Forest - Written by Bob Sundstrom
The Aquatic American Dipper - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Storks and Babies - Written by Frances Wood
Pigeon Babies Do Exist - Written by Frances Wood
Spider Silk and Bird Nests - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Bushtit - A Very Tiny Songbird - Written by Dennis Paulson
Acorn Woodpeckers Create Granaries, One Acorn at a Time - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Eurasian Collared-Doves' Sense of Direction - Written by Rick Wright
Which Jay Was That? - Written by Ellen Blackstone
What in the World Is a Hoopoe? - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Red-winged Blackbird Harem - Written by Frances Wood
Earthworm - A Superfood in Cold Storage - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Ravens and Crows - Who Is Who - Written by Frances Wood, Dennis Paulson, and Dominic Black
Double-crested Cormorant - Written by Frances Wood
The Ballet of the Grebes - Written by Bob Sundstrom
American Kestrel - Written by Frances Wood
Small Birds Mob Big Ones - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Green Heron - Written by Frances Wood
How the Cactus Wren Builds Its Nest - Written by Bob Sundstrom
The Little Red Spot on a Gull's Bill - Written by Bob Sundstrom
The Superbly Adapted Osprey - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Why the Black Skimmer Skims - Written by Dennis Paulson
The Marsh Wren's Many Nests - Written by Idie Ulsh
Downy Woodpecker – Far and Wide
 - Written by Ellen Blackstone
Tree Swallows and Feathers – An Aerial Ballet - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Blakiston's Fish Owl, a Sumo Wrestler of a Bird - Written by Bob Sundstrom
California Quail, Up and Running - Written by Frances Wood
Clever Nuthatches - Written by Ellen Blackstone
King Penguins Kazoo Band - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Anting: Avian Spa Treatment? - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Ruby-throated Hummingbirds Are on the Way - Written by Bob Sundstrom
The Baltimore Oriole - Blackbird with an Aristocratic Name - Written by Ellen Blackstone
House Sparrow Pool Party - Written by Frances Wood
The Amazing, Head-turning Owl - Written by Bob Sundstrom
A Chorus-line of Bonaparte’s Gulls - Written by Chris Peterson
Lewis's Woodpecker and Pine Forests - Written by Dennis Paulson
Hovering with Horned Larks - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Crow Parents - Written by Ellen Blackstone
Loons Go Fishing - Written by Todd Peterson
Cattle Egrets - You've Got a Friend in Me - Written by Dennis Paulson
Cuckoos Eat Hairy Tent Caterpillars - Written by Dennis Paulson
Common Nighthawk, Uncommon Sound - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Chasing the Roadrunner - Written by Bob Sundstrom
The Bubbly Bobolink - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Phalaropes, Spinners on the Sea - Written by Dennis Paulson
Mississippi Kite - Written by Dennis Paulson
Sparrows Kick, Robins Pick - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Bald Eagle - National Symbol - Written by Frances Wood
The Other (Golden) Eagle - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Gray Jay, Picnic Bird - Written by Frances Wood (now/again Canada Jay!)
Many, Many Cliff Swallows - Written by Frances Wood
Outrageous Legs - Written by Dennis Paulson
Burrowing Belted Kingfisher - Written by Frances Wood
Barn Swallow, Natural Pest Control - Written by Frances Wood
The Barred Owl Calls - Written by Chris Peterson
Olive-sided Flycatcher: “Quick-Three-Beers” - Written by Bob Sundstrom
How Birds Drink - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Great Blue Heron, Alone Again - Written by Frances Wood
Autumnal Equinox - Written by Frances Wood
The Oystercatcher's World - Written by Chris Peterson
Common Murres - Nature's Laugh Track - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Swifts Roost by the Thousands - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Why Geese Fly in V-Formation - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Why Is Bird Poop White? - Written by Bob Sundstrom
The Spectacular and Endangered California Condor - Written by Bob Sundstrom
The Lowly Starling - Written by Ellen Blackstone
Eastern Whip-poor-will – Bird of the Night Side of the Woods - Written by Bob Sundstrom
The Eyes of an Owl - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Freeway Hawks - Written by Frances Wood
The Crows' Night Roost - Written by Ellen Blackstone
Chorus Line in the Sky - Written by Dennis Paulson
Do Canada Geese Migrate? - Written by Frances Wood and Bob Sundstrom
Ring-necked Pheasants in the Wild - Written by Bob Sundstrom
“Fly Me To The Moon” - The Story of a Red Knot - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Everybody Knows a Mallard - Written by Frances Wood
Ducks, Diving and Dabbling - Written by Frances Wood
How Brown Pelicans Dive - Written by Frances Wood
Carrier Pigeons Go to War - Written by Bob Sundstrom
Reddish Egret - Lagoon Dancer - Written by Dennis Paulson
A Blizzard of Snow Geese - Written by Bob Sundstrom

Northern Cardinal - Meet the Cardinal - Written by Bob Sundstrom

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White-crowned Sparrow

American Kestrel

Bonaparte's Gulls

Red-breasted Nuthatch

Red Crossbill

Pileated Woodpecker

Published by Sasquatch Books, with illustrations by Emily Poole

On page 147, we refer to the Barred Owl's "solitary two-note hoots". This should read: "solitary two-phrase, nine-note hoots".
The Gray Jay is once again known as the Canada Jay.